Whole Life Counselling and Mediation offers counselling and mediation services in Surrey British Columbia for the ordinary and extraordinary changes in your life.

•    Feeling frustrated with the path you are on? Talk to one of our Registered Clinical Counsellors and choose the right path for you.

•    Are your negotiations all tied up in knots? Talk to our certified Mediator and untangle the communication.


Do you remember a happier time? Did you wake up one morning wondering how you got here? Whole Life Counselling offers counselling services for individuals and families. We can help you get back on the path that is right for you.

Is your relationship on the rocks?

You don’t want to separate AND you don’t want to continue fighting. Whole Life Counselling can support you in finding the underlying conflicts in your relationship. Call Whole Life Counselling find ways to minimize conflict, communicate better and increase intimacy and get back to being happy together.

How do I do this parenting thing? Why does it feel like my kids hate me? Is it just me?

Let’s make parenting fun again. Whole Life Counselling provides information, parenting skills training making your family life less stressful and more fun.

Don’t know how you help your aging parents?

We offer service navigation for seniors by providing information on available resources and help them access those resources. We can also help create senior care plans for adult children struggling with giving their parents the best care.


Feel like your arguments go in circles and you are getting nowhere?

Whole Life Counselling offers mediation services between family members, couples engaging in collaborative divorce, employers/employees, and neighbours.

Whole Life Counselling members are Paul and Terri Rypkema. We offer counselling and mediation services for the ordinary and extraordinary changes in your life. Learn more about our counselling services in Surrey or call us at 604.574.5659 to get your life back on track. We offer  objective, fast and professional counselling and mediation services to identify your goals. Then we give you the skills and tools you need to get there!

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